Well-Being Through Cancer Wellness Retreats

The Caring, Kindness, & Community of Cancer Wellness Retreats

A cancer warrior does not usually have the word “retreat” in their vocabulary, as they refuse to back down to the enemy that is cancer and push ever-onward. But “retreat” can also carry the connotation of being soothing and therapeutic: a secluded, comforting, pampering place to commune and regroup. Cancer wellness retreats are providing a safe space with others who share your journey.

What Is a Cancer Retreat?

A cancer retreat is a place for you, and perhaps loved ones, to get away. You can’t escape the disease, but you can escape what surrounds it like the chemo appointments, the hospital beds, and the well-meaning but often frustrating looks of sympathy.

Cancer wellness retreats can be weekend conferences at a local hotel, a week spent on a river or at a campground, or a few days spent in paradise being pampered. It all depends on your specific needs.

Why Is a Cancer Retreat Important?

The physical stress of cancer and the treatment itself is difficult enough. The emotional and psychological trauma can be devastating. Cancer retreats are important because they give you an opportunity to maybe not forget about the illness, but at least tuck it away for a little while.

At the same time, convening with fellow patients and discussing what you are going through during a cancer wellness retreat can help remind you that you’re not alone. You may even find yourself laughing at the oddest, ugliest parts of cancer treatment. You will take home a great souvenir in more friends who understand your unique story.

What Is the Purpose of a Cancer Wellness Retreat?

Cancer wellness retreats focus on the needs and desires of cancer patients and survivors and their loved ones. They can vary as widely as the needs and desires of the participants. They can be weekend informational retreats that include workshops and networking sessions. You can learn great coping tips, get patient-referred medical advice, and overall just gain some emotional strength.

There are a number of camps and cancer wellness retreats for children with cancer and their families. Cancer retreats can also be about completely pampering yourself, perhaps after a difficult series of treatments or just to feel good for a while. Sometimes just getting away to a place that does not have a relationship with cancer can give you a sense of peace.

Who Should Go on a Cancer Wellness Retreat?

Anyone dealing with or affected by the awful disease that is cancer will greatly benefit from a cancer wellness retreat. Yes, the cancer warrior can certainly use the time away and information provided, but if you are a loved one, particularly a spouse or someone very close to that person, you too need that time and tranquility.

A family outing at a cancer retreat may be a good way to have some fun while also learning more about what is happening to your family unit. You can connect with other families and keep those connections after you leave.

What Should You Take on a Cancer Retreat?

Honestly, the most important thing to take with you on a cancer retreat is the willingness to let go, relax, open up, and be you for a while. Packing your bag will really depend on the type of retreat you are heading off to enjoy.

When Is a Solo Cancer Retreat Needed?

There is no specific timeline for when you may need a solo cancer wellness retreat. If the world and voices around you are doing more harm than good, it is time for a solo retreat. Sometimes you need to clear the chatter and the clutter in order to make the best decisions for you, as well as have the peace of mind you need to heal.

Pampered in Paradise

Pampered in Paradise is an excellent example of the caring, kindness, and community that cancer wellness retreats can provide. Pampled in Paradise was created by George and Cindy after Cindy was diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

George and Cindy were best friends and engaged to be married. George saw Cindy’s daily struggles and wanted to do something amazingly special for her by creating a beautiful, relaxing, and pampering experience for her, to help her feel better. Cindy’s selflessness, even while dealing with cancer, led to George’s idea to make it a cancer community event. Invite other cancer survivors and warriors to share in the experience.

Cindy was never able to attend one of the cancer wellness retreats through Pampered in Paradise, but many others have and continue to enjoy them today as they get away for just a while and are treated like the queens they are.